The globalized rail industry poses the same challenges to small and medium-sized enterprises, regardless of their nation: how can they remain competitive and organize market access with limited personal resources abroad? KNRBB GmbH, a privately organized network of companies in the field of railway technology for over 8 years, has developed and implemented its own concept for this purpose: KNRBB cooperates with companies in the rail industry across Europe, irrespective of geographic boundaries. If you like, you can join the network. The current total of 80 KNRBB network partners, 28 of them foreign, have already made extensive use of it. Ascending trend!
And it has already proven itself: The German KNRBB partners, who have close proximity to the market and their own excellent business contacts in Germany, can offer foreign partners a different market access potential than is usually possible through sporadic events. Of course, that works the other way around!
Motto “One for all, all for one”, or: You help each other in the network when the chemistry between the partners is right and trust is built up – regardless of nationality. The framework for this is offered by the KNRBB with its regular network meetings and the technical and organizational network management, which also removes stumbling blocks in intercultural communication.
But not only the sustainable access to foreign markets via network partners in the target country, but above all the joint order and project acquisition is the special feature of the international KNRBB entrepreneur network: Only orders and projects from which the network partners also benefit concretely are ultimately, the success indicator for KNRBB network management.
However, networking in an international context is not a one-way street and always a process that is designed for the medium and long term: the success for each individual also depends on how actively he contributes.

We invite you to cooperate!
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Ralf Meinsen and Heike Uhe
Managing partners of KNRBB GmbH

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